The Program of the Forum will focus on allow for group discussions that will give the space for communication for the audience at the end of each panel: questions, comments and suggestions. Therefore the quality of the conference also requires the informed and inquisitive participants. Participants will also be able to communicate with one another and network together.

Program of the Sixth Ukrainian Gas Forum-Eastern European Gas Congress

(as of 27.10.2020)

Time (ЕET) Topic Speaker
1000 Greetings from the Organizing Committee, instruction Leonid Unigovskyi, Michael Grossmann
Greetings from the Honorable guests Oleksiy Danilov (National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine)
Greetings from the Honorable guests Dr. James Watson (Eurogas)
1015 Key report  "How to make Ukrainian natural gas market truly competitive?" Janez Kopač, Energy Community Secretariat.
1030 Key report «Ukrainian natural gas market. Problems and prospects for the development» Yaroslav Mudryi, Energy Resources of Ukraine
Panel І GAS UPSTREAM (Moderator – Volodymyr Dolnik)
1050 Key report The IEA’s Global Gas Security Review: key messages for gas security of supply in eastern and southeastern Europe's gas markets Gergely Molnár (International Energy Agency)
Digital solutions in the subsoil use Roman Opimakh (State Geologic and Subsoil Survey of Ukraine )
Private companies in the Oil and Gas industry in Ukraine Victor Gladun (Poltava Petroleum Company)
Naftogaz Group's strategic goals in gas exploration and production. Maksym Vityk (Naftogaz)
Turkey’s natural gas prospects in the Black Sea Eser Özdil (PETFORM)
What’s new? Briefly about PSAs, Concessions, dormant licenses, Service contracts, reserve stocks. Yaroslav Petrov (Asters LF) Marta Halabala (Asters LF)
E-auctions vs PSA tenders: what do oil and gas investors choose? Artem Petrenko (Association of Gas Producers of Ukraine)
1230 BREAK
1245 Key report Regulatory innovations оn the European gas market and it’s impact on Ukraine Dennis Hesseling (ACER)
The role of new GTS Operator of Ukraine in the establishment of the regional gas market Sergiy Makogon (GTS Operator of Ukraine)
Romania-Ukraine cooperation within EU rules Nicolae Havrilet (Ministry of energy of Romania)
Moldova as a market and now as a transit route Vadim Ceban (Moldovagaz)
Gas Storage Оperator of Ukraine. Integration into the European gas market Agneta Kutcelim (Ukrtransgaz)
1345 Regional gas flow simulations Max Schönfisch (EWI)
Turkey on the world gas map. Southern corridor pipelines via Turkey Ali Günсan (Engie)
Turkstream: an opportunity for Bulgaria or a stranded asset ? Gas cooperation between Ukraine and Bulgaria Ilian Vassilev (Innovative Energy Solutions)
Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria-Romania – status update Sotirios Bravos (DESFA)
Strategic topics of EU Transmission System Operators Milan SEDLÁČEK (EUstream)
Unbundling in the transportation and distribution of the natural gas in theory Andrius Šimkus (Simkus Energy)
Once again about unbundling Sergiy Kibitlevskyi (Vinnytsiagaz)
Unbundling in the transportation and distribution of the natural gas: practical side of the matter Tetiana Mylenka (Hillmont Partners)
1520 BREAK
Panel ІІІ HYDROGEN (Moderator – Stanislav Kazda)
1530 The role of hydrogen technologies in the distribution of natural gas. Prospects for the future Oleg Nykonorov (Regional Gas Company)
Scientific support of the experimental researches of supply of mixtures of natural gas and hydrogen by  gas distribution pipelines Leonid Unigovskyi (Naftogazbudinformatyka Ltd.)
Tests of experimental networks of DSO’s on hydrogen Kyrylo Kostogryz (Naftogazbudinformatyka Ltd.)
Analysis of the efficiency of  the use  of hydrogen and natural gas mixture in household appliances (gas stoves, boilers) Borys Soroka (Institute of gas of the NAS of Ukraine)
Research of the tightness of the closed sections of gas networks on hydrogen mixtures: first results and further steps Maksym Karpash (Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas)
Material durability and pipeline integrity challenges at Hydrogen transportation by gas transit network. Hryhoriy Nykyforchyn (Physico-mechanical Institute after G.Karpenka of the NAS of Ukraine)
Prospects for the use of hydrogen in the transportation (transit) and distribution of natural gas Cosma Panzacchi (SNAM)
to be defined Jorge Chatzimarkakis (Hydrogen Europe)
Transformation pathways to greenhouse gas neutrality of gas networks and gas storages after COP 21 Gert Mueller-Syring (Task Force Hydrogen, Marcogaz)
Regulatory challenges and potential of the EU’s hydrogen sector. Prof. Christian Held (Becker Büttner Held)
1725 BREAK
Panel ІV DECARBONISATION TASKS AND PROBLEMS (Moderator – Oleksandr Dombrovskyi)
1740 The Green deal and its impact on gas demand in the EU Dr. Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega (IFRI)
Ukraine's contribution to the European Green Deal Olena Zerkal (Naftogaz) tbc
World experience in the production, using and promotion of biomethane Yurii Matveev (Bioenergy Association of Ukraine)
Prospects for biomethane in Ukraine, proposals for incentives of its development. Prospects for combining the production of "green hydrogen" and biomethane Georgiy Geletukha (Bioenergy Association of Ukraine)
Prospects for hydrogen supply from Russia to the EU through a pipeline system Dmytriy Сhugunov (Collaboration Hydrogen Economic)
Time (ЕET) Topic Speaker
1000 Greetings From the Honorable guests Matteo Patrone (EBRD)
1005 Key Report Winter supply outlook Aura Sabadus (ICIS)
Panel V DOWNSTREAM & RETAIL MARKET (Moderator – Gennadiy Kobal)
1020 Key report Freedom to choose suppliers  for the population. First results after the gas market opening Artem Kompan (Energy Suppliers Association)
Key report Retail: experience of three months of the launch of gas market for the population Maksym Rabinovych (GSC Naftogaz of Ukraine)
Launching a fully fledged natural gas market Oksana Kryvenko (NEURC)
Lessons learned from the gas target model implementation in the EU Benoît Esnault (Council of European Energy Regulators)
Unbundling, Privatization and Opening the retail market: Greece's experience Prof. Dr. Kostas Andriosopoulos (Finance and Energy Economics, ESCP Business School)
Era of reforms. Gas market of Ukraine. Efficiency of implementation and current tasks Andriy Myzovets (Gas traders of Ukraine Association)
1135 BREAK
1200 Report "The importance of the lawmaker’s role in creating a competitive natural gas market in Ukraine. Ways for improving the legal and regulatory framework) Аndriy Gerus (Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine)
1210 Report Report «Recent developments and current challenges in the gas sector» Baher El-Hifnawi (World Bank)
Panel VI LEGAL MATTERS, REGULATION AND HUBS (Moderator – Michael Grossmann)
1230 Key report Ukraine’s latest Capital Markets and Financial Instruments Law and the opportunities that it opens up for market participants Jan Haizmann (EFET)
The governance of the Gas TSO in theory and practice: Up to the Unbundling Standards? Dirk Buschle (Energy Community Secretariat)
The first year of GTSO LLC: the struggle to establish an independent gas TSO in Ukraine - A view from inside and outside Walter Boltz (energy expert)
EFET's scorecard of energy hubs in Europe and traders' perceptions Doug Wood (EFET)
Launching a liquid gas market in accordance with the best European practices and regulations - way to create Ukrainian gas hub Oleksiy Dubovskyi (Ukrainian Energy Exchange)
Experience of the Romania’s gas exchange and recommendation for Ukraine Septimu Rusu (BRM gas exchange)
Arbitrability of energy, Competition & insolvency, Enforcement of arbitral awards. International experience Markian Kluchkovskyi (Asters)
Main changes on the Ukrainian wholesale natural gas market in 2019-2020 Vitaliy Radchenko (Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang)
ENTSOG Network Codes (video) Irina Oshchepkova (ENTSOG)
1430 BREAK
Panel VII GEOPOLITICS (Moderator – Oleksiy Semeniy)
1450 Ukraine and  new  gas flow patterns in  Eastern and Southeastern Europe. The current situation and prospects for Ukraine Matthew Monteverde (Argus Media)
The geopolitics of gas in the Black Sea and the Eastern Mediterrannean Mithat Rende (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey
Geopolitics of natural gas in the East Mediterranean and Black Sea Charles Ellinas (EC Cyprus Natural Hydrocarbons Company)
Russia’s EU changing strategy in cooperation with foreign partners (Ukraine, Turkey, EU, China). NStream-2 update Mykhail Krutikhin (Rusenergy)
The US government’s gas diplomacy in Europe Olga Khakova (Atlantic Council)
US targeted sanctions vs. European sovereignty: how far can the US go in extending its writ ? Anna Mikulska (Fellow at Rice University’s Baker Institute and at the Kleinman Center, University of Pennsylvania)
1615     CONCLUDING REMARKS from the Organizing Committee. PRIZE DRAWING